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Cold Sparkler Effects

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Truly NON Flammable “Cold” Spark Effect 

Experience breathtaking indoor / outdoor Sparkler display. The innovative Cold Spark (NON-flammable) machines are safe to touch and won’t cause any harm to venues. The output is controlled for perfect timing. Fit this into your event production and you’ll have a show that is stunning!

Perfect for Weddings, Concert Stages, DJ Sets, Special Events – Sweet 16, Quinceanera, Mitzvahs, TV Production, Award Ceremonies, Sporting Events & More!


Cold Sparkler Effects

Ultra Mix Events utilizes Cold Sparkler Effects that allow for use in various ways.

WOW Factor • Truly NON Flammable “Cold” Spark Effect  • Safe to Touch • Launches 8ft+ • Runs 30 Sec Cycles • Remote or Computer Controlled • Composite Powder • No Smoke

Create a “Waterfall” of sparks using the same technology as our original Cold Spark Machines!

*The fall Sparks require rigging from above of at least 12ft

Black or White Spark Machine color choice to blend into your environment. 

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