Corporate Events

Classy Style

Ultra Mix has your business covered with a classy style that has you in mind.

Great Music

Music tailored to the style of your audience, but with the key being entertainment.

Office Friendly

We always keep it professional and are quite familiar with working in the office.


We have the tools that allow you to interact and speak to your audience.

Interactivity Is Key

One key component of a successful Corporate Event can be having the ability to interact with and speak to your audience. Ultra Mix maintains a large array of tools from projectors to mics (both lapel and handheld) as well as a list of other tools at your disposal. Make this next Corporate Event a team-building exercise or let’s uplight a stage and provide sound for your next awards ceremony! With so many possibilities we would love to sit down with you and get an idea of just the things you’re looking for.

All The Right Things

We take pride in having access to a variety of tools that can make quite the impressive Corporate Event weather it be an Awards Ceremony or a Christmas Party. Some equipment you may be interested in includes:

Pipe & Drape

We have a variety of backdrops and/or wall coverage solutions.

LED Video Walls

Check out our new LED Video Walls to really take it up a notch.

Event Entertainment

We have plenty of entertainment options available!

Monogram Projection

Let everyone see your company logo or design.

Stage Lighting

Proper lighting is absolutely crucial when presenting to crowds. Focusing light on the speaker brings the attention of the crowd just to where you want it. Your audience should never struggle to see the projector as your Corporate Presentation. Draw attention where attention is needed and really set the mood of your event.

Mics and Sound

We have everything from stage mics to discreet lapel mics and plenty of sound to go around! No matter how you want to present yourself to your audience we have you covered with the proper equipment so you will be heard. Our professional DJ’s are much more than your average DJ. We assist you in putting on a great event for your guests!

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