Lighting Production

Lighting Production

Our lighting professionals know how to set the mood.

The right lighting will totally transform your event. We are committed to your vision and bringing the WOW factor.If you are looking for a beautiful setting or a wild party…we can create the mood. Every venue and event is different. We customize each lighting package. We love what we do! Let’s create a stunning event and special moments.

Event Lighting

Wireless Uplighting

The starting point for transforming a space with color. These are most popular at Weddings to create a romantic setting but are great for other events to match the theme! Anywhere you need a glow of color, these are the solution.

Moving Head Beams

These are controlled moving fixtures that create beams and designs around the space. They can be used as follow spots as well. Moving Head lighting “makes” the light show!  You’ll see these at all major events.


These small but powerful spots are great to highlight your beautiful centerpiece or cake! They can be mounted in the ceiling for ultimate direction. Being battery powered make them able to go anywhere.


This aluminum truss is what the lights are rigged on most of the time. We can cover them in white spandex scrim to look nice and utilize LED lighting to change the color.

Pipe / Drape Design

We can provide various draping for your event. Interested in having an elegant drape design for a Wedding ceremony backdrop? We do that too.

Monogram "Gobo" Projection

Brand your event! You have so many options with monograms. These are custom slides that can be literally anything you have in mind projected in a light! Wedding with names? Company with a logo? Cover a wall or floor with designs? Time to get creative and make the event yours with monogram projection.

We are available to rig Chandeliers and other fixtures. We utilize air wall tracks and chain motor hoists for heavy fixtures.

Our Lighting tech will create a custom computer controlled show just for your event!

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