School Parties


Professional DJ

Professional DJ’s at a School Party need to know the newest and latest music. The right songs and the right energy can make a night great!

Event Lighting

Lighting really sets the atmosphere of a party and turns a dull night into a memorable one. Up-fit your party with all the right lighting.

Live Entertainment

Take your School Party to the next level with live entertainment! Stilt Walkers, dancers, and LED Robots to really get the party going.

Special Effects

Confetti Cannons, Fire-Proof Pyrotechnics, Cryo Blasts, and more Special Effects that will blow the mind of all guests. Be the party of the year!

Create Lasting Memories

Our School Dance & Event DJ’s know how to crush parties. We perform for the coolest College Events, Fraternity, Sorority, High School Prom, Homecoming Dance & Fundraisers out there. Our experience is everything from clean classy ballroom parties to gyms to outdoor Glow Paint parties! 

Your school event doesn’t have to be a rave, but we are ready to take it to a level you’ve never seen. 


LED Robot Page!

Special Effects Page! 

Party Lighting

A proper party requires proper lighting. Really set the mood and keep the party going with awesome lighting and lighting effects. We’ve got it all from your moving lights to your high tech lasers and even an LED Robot with lasers! Take your experience to the next level by hooking up with Ultra Mix Events today!

Special Effects

Really bring that WOW factor home with some top of the line special effects. Have a balloon drop to celebrate an announcement or shoot off a blast of confetti at the drop of the new year! Perfectly timed Cryogenic Blasts keep the party hyped and we carry many more options where that came from!

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