Special Effects


Special Effects

Confetti Cannons

CO2 Cryo Blasts

LED Robot Stilt Walker

Cold sparkler Effects

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LED Video Wall

LED Video Dance floor

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Special Effects

Ultra Mix Events offers a variety of Special Effects to take your event to the next level and really WOW your attendees.

Indoor Cold Sparkler Fountain

Experience breath taking indoor fireworks display. The innovative Cold Spark (NON-flammable) machines are safe to touch and won’t cause any harm to venues. The output is controlled for perfect timing. Fit this into your event production and you’ll have a show that is stunning!

CO2 Cryo Jet Blasts

Ever been to a major nightclub or concert? You’ve seen Co2 clouds burst out and generate hype on the dance floor or stage.  Nothing says next level than Co2 Cryo jet blasts. Bring your party or show to life! The size of your event will vary on how many you need to create the desired effect.


Our LED Robot is perfect for surprises and interactive events that are looking for unique entertainment. How often do you see something this cool? They are guaranteed to impress and amaze your guests!

LED VIdeo Dance Floors

High-end LED video floor for concert stages, corporate events, weddings, TV production, retail, house of worship or trade show. The ROE Black Marble is the ideal LED video floor to visually enhance your production with a creative display. You have unlimited visual opportunities to WOW those in attendance.

Balloon Drops

Who doesn’t love balloons? Drop a nets worth on your event and see all the happy faces. Balloon drops can be used for a range of celebrations!


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